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Busy Is, As Busy Does…

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Because we have been busy, busy, busy at Arts In Action writing so many proposals, it’s been awhile since we have posted our grant wins…but recently we have received phenomenal news, I hope you don’t mind if we share…

* $30,000 grant to UIH from the Merancas Foundation * $10,000 grant to UIH from ETS * $13,000 grant to UIH from The Bunbury Company * $7,500 grant to UIH from Janssen Pharma Foundation * $70,000 grant to Brandon Outreach Clinic from the State of FL * $3,000 from Publix Charities to Bess the Book Bus * $500 from WAWA to ECHO * $2,200 from Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to ECHO * $5,000 from Tampa Bay Rays to ECHO * $3,000 from Tampa Rotary to ECHO * $5,000 from Wells Fargo to ECHO * $5,000 from Mosaic to ECHO * $8,900 from Emergency Food Shelter Program to ECHO * Year 3 Contract with FDDC for the Route to Self Determination Training Project.

Our fingers and minds are keeping busy, even while the temps outside drop! Let me know if you have an agency in mind that might benefit from Arts In Action’s services! Remember we do more than grant writing! Let us know if you have a need for a new website design, meeting facilitation, communications support for public relations or social media, strategic planning and/or digital storytelling!

-Grace Alfiero, President & CEO

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