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For weeks now I’ve been trying to craft a list of encouraging and life changing reasons for folks to consider and to commit to taking on an important and essential volunteer leadership role. Just typing that sentence made me think of blah-blah tasks riddled with boredom! But, here’s the thing, even though these volunteer committee positions are necessary to the longevity and success of our beloved non profit organizations, that is not the main reason why I personally serve. For me, it’s been about the relationships. It’s about the chance to connect with folks week after week, month after month, and really follow along with their lives as they unfold in our own little pieces of the non profit world.

Today I reached out to one of my committee colleagues who could not make our weekly call because of a work-related emergency. I found myself missing her at our check-in, and texted her to call me if she wanted an update. We talked later on in the day and our conversation swayed and meandered along several tangents until we landed at a hilarious joke that she told me that made me (almost) pee my pants.

Serving as a committee member for worthy non profits is about so much more than bringing your great ideas and expertise to the table to keep that organization alive. It’s about making life long, weekly check-in types of friendships that will last a lifetime. Money can’t buy this kind of opportunity…BUT it is here for us, for the taking.

Sign up today to get involved on a volunteer committee, we all need you as a friend, and YOU need to laugh more!

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