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The COMMUNITY in Community Theater

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

My daughter has been cast in her first play at a community theater. For lots of reasons, it’s a place that I never really envisioned I’d be. Don’t get me wrong, I love the performing arts, I love all things art, especially live theater, but I never really had a talent to act or sing or dance or perform anything worth viewing by other people.

What I have found through this experience is that the community made up of actors, directors, stage hands, lighting technicians and my kind…stage moms, are very similar to the caring, funny, talented folks that I am used to hanging around with in the visual arts world.

The director for the play my daughter is acting in is a momma to three kids under ten. They are often at the rehearsals and they run around the converted barn-theater like playful kitties as the stage moms all pitch in and keep at least one eye on them, making sure they are safe and making good choices. The more experienced actors reach out to the kids and make jokes and comments like one might at a holiday family gathering. I totally get the “we’re all here to pitch in” feeling from everyone.

Last night, as I sat observing a practice scene with some of the other moms, I started thinking, how can I personally contribute to this effort, what can I bring to the table? And then it hit me, the theater (most any theater) would surely benefit with some kind of renovation, with some updating of some capacity of some sort. I started listing all the grant sources and foundations that I know fund cultural and performing arts initiatives and I plan to connect with the marketing personnel this week to discuss. I’ll keep you all updated on this new venture as it unfolds and as I ease my way into another deserving and important community.

-grace-anne alfiero, mfa

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