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The $500 Digital Story Solution!

Well, I did it! I produced a 3.5 minute iMovie about our recent family trip to Punxsutawney, PA for Ground Hog’s Day. Here’s the thing, I completed the entire project on my iPad Mini. So why I was inspired to take this challenge? For a few years now I have been traveling around the U.S. to many conferences and presenting on the subject of Digital Storytelling. I’ve presented on all kinds of topics related to Digital Storytelling, such as why it is such a great tool for messaging, how to get started, what kinds of equipment you’ll need, how to make your projects accessible to all communities and what to do with and where to show your story after you’ve created it! I am often asked if there is a cheaper way to go than buying a lap top and movie making software…(I typically use my Apple Mac Book Pro laptop, my Nikon SLR camera and my Flip video camera when working on a project for a client, of course there are PC options and I covered that in one of my most recent bogs.)

What I have discovered through my journey is that about 50% of my audience was looking for a cheaper and more realistically affordable way to delve into Digital Storytelling.  Well I have the $500 solution and I think most people will be happy with this idea. I purchased my new iPad Mini at the end of January 2014. We got to know each other and by February 3rd I was editing two projects simultaneously, and having a blast! No more heavy camera to lug around and no more heavy computer backpacks to unload at airport security! No more annoying lens changes!

Granted, I am still in the “honeymoon” period with my new equipment but I thought I’d share what I was able to do after the first weekend that we were together! More examples to come in the next days and weeks, but look at the diversity of this finished product! It has audio, video, text and crisp still images. I played with some photo filters in iPhoto and I downloaded the iLive apps from the App store in order to create this movie. All the apps came free with my iPad purchase…SCORE! I hope you enjoy the show and I hope it inspires you to get out there and start your own messaging project! Let me know what you think! Your comments are important to me and all the other subscribers!

Click This Link:  Ground Hog Road Trip 2014

Or press play…



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