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Team Grant Writing: A Free eBook Resource

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Combining my two loves…that is what this eBook project is all about!  For some time now, I have wanted to write and illustrate a book on grant writing…but I wanted my version to be different. Different because most of the books I have read on the subject have been dry and unremarkable. I was going for pizzaz, and that is probably why the project stalled for so long, that is, until my buddy Phoebe Ezell entered the picture! After we designed the Arts In Action website together last February, we both felt like the next step was to create an eBook that highlighted some of the aspects of how I came to love grant writing and view it as a viable way to increase the revenue stream at Creative Clay (my former professional position before I launched Arts In Action.) Now after two years of consulting with over 15 agencies around the country, I am convinced that grant writing should be a priority for executive teams, and developing a sound grant writing plan should also be a priority.

This eBook was a labor of love. I hope it will be a resource for inspiration and clarification.  I am offering it as a free downloadable pdf file below for my blog subscribers. Soon it will be available on, and on iTunes. On those entities there will be a fee for the download, so take advantage of this free offer as I bid you all a big thank you for visiting and subscribing to my Arts In Action blog site! I hope you enjoy the book and I hope you comment to the site so we can keep the conversation going! I liked creating this book so much that I actually have a few more in the works!

I also wanted to take one moment to thank Phoebe Ezell, William Ezell and Christy S. Hallas. All three of you have been amazingly supportive and encouraging and this project has finally arrived only because of your care and dedication to our friendship and professional relationship. Smooches to you all!


Click on the link below to download my free eBook:

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