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So Easy, A Kid Can Do It!

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from times spent with my siblings and our cousins. We always played football, wiffleball or kickball together, ate lots of watermelon and had silly seed spitting competitions afterward. While the grown-ups talked, laughed and drank Italian sambuca into the night, we basked in the security of playing with kids who were growing up within a similar moral and value system.  As the years passed, our playtime morphed into long conversations where we checked in with each other and traded stories about teenage love, college entrance exams and the unbearable strictness of growing up in an Italian American family. Fast forward 30 years and I am so glad that I am now able to keep connected with all those cousins. We stay linked through Facebook.  We don’t get to see each other often enough, but we do have those sweet memories.

I wanted the same for my daughter, and this past weekend I observed that wish being granted. My daughter gets to spend time with her cousins from both sides of her family. Nine cousins on my side and a ga-billion second cousins on my husband’s side. There are four cousins that she is really close to and yesterday she starred in this made for TV movie written, directed and produced by her oldest second cousin from Massachusetts.

This trailer for the original movie “In the Bear-Man’s Cavern” was just one of three digital stories created in iMovie. Somehow, in a short 5 hour period, while a massive, delicious Easter dinner was being prepared upstairs, the cousins created three projects. Of course I was super proud…our kids were embracing technology and creativity and having a great time together. So now I’m saying, “it’s so easy, even an adult can do it!”

Let me know what you think of this collaborative iMovie trailer starring the 4 cousins ages 9 to 13.

Let’s hear it for cousins!


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