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Photos from the Front Seat

Some people meditate or practice yoga to find balance, others like to go for long walks. Me? The most effective way for me to restore and renew is to hop in my car, pump a full tank of gas and bring along my Nikon DSLR camera with some lenses. Then, I just drive. Sometimes I will get out of my car, but mostly, I take photos from the front seat. I look for landscape vignettes, contrasts with deteriorating dwellings and a blue sky that is hopefully chock full of big puffy clouds. The structures have to tell their story from across a field, in front of a river or past the orange fog of a gritty clay dirt driveway.

Tinicum, PA, 2018

Vermont/New York State Line, 2018

I’m not looking for a postcard scene, or an award winning image, I just like to capture the everyday beauty available near my community and the places I visit on road trips. It’s a way for me to focus on something other than my long list of deadlines, or the day-to-day drama of raising a teenager.

Near Frenchtown, NJ, 2018

Golden Circle, Iceland, 2018

It’s the opposite of taking selfies as I find more satisfaction in this method. I am the observer, the voyeur…even if just for a minute, and I am capturing the compilation of others. I search for interesting light and the beauty of boundless nature in a juxtaposition with how a structure or a combination of structures are being maintained or neglected.

Sometimes I get lucky, and my impulsive shutter captures movement caused by the motion of my vehicle, and the subjects melt together.

-grace alfiero

Near Balmoral Castle, Scotland Highlands, 2018

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