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Omaha, Where the Smart, Nice, Creatives Live!

Many, many thanks to everyone who attended my Digital Storytelling presentation and all day workshop at the NONPROFIT SUMMIT OF THE MIDLANDS! Special thanks to Erika Conces who did a masterful job in coordinating and organizing pretty much every aspect of the event! You were a gracious host packaged with some really entertaining stories! Also another shout-out to Bryan Schneider of SmithHayes! It was great meeting you and talking “shop”, THANKS!  For the folks who attended the sessions and for any of my blog followers, I have posted the presentation and some key resources here to download for your convenience. I also want to thank Jim Wolfe, our all around supportive Techie from the University of Nebraska, Omaha! You were really great to work with and thanks for always checking back to see if there were any disasters to manage…luckily, it was smooth sailing!

I just want to say that with my trip to Omaha, I think my traveling record for hearing “please”,  “thank you”, “it’s my pleasure” and even some good old fashion door opening was exceeded by like 200%! At the Flat Irons Cafe last night, the restaurant hostess was so flustered that I was eating by myself, she kept wanted to bring me cooking magazines or just stand near my table so I wouldn’t feel lonely!

Omaha is a kind, innovative and creative community, as demonstrated in the Digital Storytelling workshop yesterday. One of my students completed his piece in our allotted time together and I will prepare it soon for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, enjoy the items below and please send me your finished pieces so we can show the world and get the word out about your organization!


Here is a snapshot of everyone hard at work crafting their masterpieces! Bravo!

Now for the links to the presentation:

Link to other resources:

Please write to me at if you would like me to send you any other resources.

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