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My Saturday Superheroes!

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

A few days ago one of my colleagues asked me if I could refer a speaker who would be able to present on balance in the workplace for non-profit executives.  Hmmm, I thought, do I know anyone who is an expert in that subject matter? Do I even know anyone who is living a balanced life? Think, think, think…not one person came to mind. Today is Saturday, I have made my way to my home office upstairs even though it is beautiful and 67 degrees outside. My kid is playing in the front yard and climbing trees with the neighbors and I am perched in front of my digital imaging machines with my iPhone close by. I am completing two projects for a client, while talking to my website and e-book guru Phoebe Ezell via speakerphone magic-ness. At the same time I am alternately answering the questions of another buddy, Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group who will be presenting at one of my client’s fundraisers next weekend.  In between this menagerie of communication, I am email chatting with another Executive Director, Cynthia Oberkofler of Millhill Child and Family Development, to retrieve the answer to an important logistical question.

On a beautiful pre-spring day, a weekend day, one that was a long time coming, the ladies that I admire most are at their desks, all working, catching up, preparing for the next week, and crossing off their lists.

I am not proud of this behavior, but I have to admit, I not only admire it in others, I feel strangely comforted. These Saturday Superheroes are the folks who are pushing services for vulnerable populations forward, they are the folks who sacrifice balance, alone time and sometimes family outings to get the job done for others who need them in our community.  THANK YOU LADIES!!

For your next birthday celebration I will be getting you all meditation, massage or yoga gift certificates. And…I will make sure that the place is open until midnight, because I know that you will all need help fitting relaxation into your schedules! I hope each one of you gets to sleep in on Sunday!


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