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A Day of Caring!

One of my favorite places to be on any given school day is Millhill Child & Family Development in Trenton, NJ! What a lovely organization from head to toe! First, the organization is steeped with a long and successful history of supporting families in a city that has faced and is still facing many challenges. Second, the staff is made up of a group of smart, caring and fun individuals who are always happy to greet new faces and to talk about the latest accomplishment. Sometimes it’s a student whose lightbulb went off and has really taken off with reading, or sometimes it’s a teenager in the PEERS program who has been struggling with college applications and has finally landed an acceptance letter from a great university. Whatever the accomplishment, the staff is great at celebrating these successes! These mini milestones all add up and keep folks motivated and on track.

Last Friday I attended a Day of Caring event with some of the awesome professionals who work at TayganPoint Consulting Group. A Day of Caring is an organized volunteer session where a group of employees from a local business arrange to spend three hours in the classrooms at Millhill and work with the students by reading books, creating art & crafts together and spending just good old fashioned quality time with Millhill’s toddlers and preschoolers.

I love this concept of organizing professionals in our communities to spend time with recipients of our local tax exempt programs. It is a way to educate, build awareness and connect with neighbors! Everyone leaves feeling fulfilled and with a pocketful of feel-good stories and photos! Let me know if you want more information on how to arrange a Day of Caring for your business, your organization or to schedule a feel-great day at Millhill!


The TayganPointers at Millhill!

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