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Health & FitnessSC Thrive is a Leader in Community Care

SC Thrive's statewide community care network called "Thrive Hub" is affecting positive change, especially with health-related outcomes.

SC Thrive professionals working at the statewide call center in Columbia, South Carolina. (Images provided with permission by SC Thrive and Stephanie McGuire.)

Columbia, South Carolina— “It’s a system built for the people, by the people!” exclaims Tricia Richardson, the CEO of SC Thrive. Connecting medical care providers and social care providers through a shared network, using a common language often brings hope and clarity to people in need. SC Thrive is a nonprofit organization with the mission to offer solutions to South Carolinians in need of resources but facing a multitude of barriers to accessing them. With several online services, training programs, and more than 200 strategic partnerships, SC Thrive meets people where they are and helps simplify complex processes. This in turn, provides South Carolina residents more efficient access to the quality-of-life resources needed so they can move toward stability.

In 2022, SC Thrive’s staff members, partners, and board members were thrilled to be named winners of the Administration for Community Living Social Care Referrals Challenge with their social care platform entitled “Thrive Hub.” Thrive Hub is a South Carolina based platform that has positively impacted communities in our state and will continue to be an essential part of the evolving social care field. It was built especially for the social serving sector with input from South Carolina social care leaders.

Now, two years later, SC Thrive is still dedicated to widening the net to serve more families with this program, and is actively seeking funding to add more staff members and more community partners with a goal to double the number of individuals served by 2025. An excellent video describing the Thrive Hub system is available HERE.

When asked about these significant services that SC Thrive provides, Stephanie McGuire, the Chief Development Officer replied, "I have been known to say that what we do at SC Thrive is so beyond benefits! And it is! We care about the WHOLE person and the WHOLE family. We have what I believe is the greatest team of compassionate professionals and the most resilient community partner sites, who are willing to do what it takes to fully help families living in South Carolina, especially persons who are vulnerable, such as folks who are of advanced age and/or those with a disability."

Tricia Richardson, SC Thrive’s CEO, stated "For the last 14 years, we have worked hard to improve the lives of South Carolinians by paving the way to healthcare access through the use of technology and connections to resources.” Thrive Hub has the ability to multiply the help a person receives by accessing an array of benefits, completing Social Determinants of Health screenings, and receiving referrals for needed services all at one time. Using Thrive Hub helps people and providers navigate the complex system of available benefits with ease and confidence through one efficient source, saving time, and energy. "SC Thrive and our collaborative partner sites areis poised to really move the needle when it comes to referral services for South Carolinians. As the only organization implementing a statewide community care hub program that is part of the Administration for Community Living CCH National Learning Community, we are compiling the numbers for 2023, and preliminarily we know that we have served over 69,000 South Carolinians, significantly more families this year than last year! We will continue to work with our partners throughout the state to make sure South Carolinians have the resources they need to thrive!"

If you are interested in seeing how Thrive Hub can benefit your organization or community, SC Thrive is excited to offer a demonstration. Learn more about Thrive Hub and request a demonstration HERE.

To visit SC Thrive's website, click HERE.

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